Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Messenger's Report

Lea "Atalanta" Ritter dropped off of the radar months ago.  I received no relevant information about her, and was surprised when, last October, I stumbled across this post.  Sir Thighpiece mentioned Atalanta by name.  She had told me, but I had only revealed her surname on my blog.  Apparently she'd ended up going on a killing spree (presumably during "His Half") and was both incarcerated and hospitalized.  And then silence.  

But then I received this e-mail:

Mr. Messenger,

Pursuant to the request of my former client, I am to inform you that Lea Christine Ritter was executed by the state of Arizona on the 16th of February, 2012 for crimes of which I am certain that you are aware. Following the apprehension of Ms. Ritter, the case progressed rapidly without necessitating a trial, by cause of her decisions to plead guilty and request capital punishment.

In addition, Ms. Ritter instructed me to convey the following confidential message: "Race is really over now. Photo finish, but the camera broke. You know my address. [password removed]" After considerable examination leading to a lengthy delay in the execution of her requests, it has been determined that this message is unlikely to be criminal in nature. It may, in fact, provide evidence that the mental competence testing was insufficient. Between you and I, Mr. Messenger, I do not feel that to be relevant. Due process of the law would not have resulted in anything less than what Ms. Ritter evidently desired herself, and would have wasted the time and money of the state.

Having fulfilled my obligation, I am finished with this case. Do not respond.

Howard Wallace
 There it is.  She's dead.  A young woman who deserved almost none of what she had to deal with.  Goodbye, Atalanta.  I hope you're at peace now.

-Don't Shoot The Messenger-