Thursday, June 23, 2011

Where Are You All?

After He got me, I put all thoughts of what He does and who He does it to out of mind. I was still in mourning for those He killed to get me, and I was disoriented by the way He was using me. I forgot about those He hunts, focusing on living my half of life as well as I could. Even when I knew I was being used against you Runners, I avoided thinking about it.

I think I wrote before that I didn't read your blogs. I only knew the big names. M. Zeke. Robert. After I started this blog, I went looking for those three. M and Zeke, at least, are still alive. I'm not sure about Robert. His last writing sounded like he was dying, or at least losing his mind. I commented on The Tutorial, and if you are reading this today, that's how. I couldn't bear to comment on the last thing Zeke wrote, not to talk about a dead boy.

Things have changed since He got me. Looking at those three made it clear. Zeke's situation is better than my own, even if it won't last. I don't know anybody anymore. He killed my mother, my coach, and my best friend. That was enough for me to give up. I faked my own death and made a deal with Him. The person I was is dead.

Look at me, pulling out the cliche angst when I only meant to ask a question. Namely, where are you all now? What are the new big names, the most-read blogs? I don't have time to go clicking around on all the commenters to find them. Not with 12 hours to a day and no computer of my own.


  1. Well, I'm pretty new myself, but let me see if I can give you a hand.

    The biggest figurehead at the moment seems to be Maduin from A Really Bad Joke. AmalgamationSage from Records of an Impossibility and Kay from A Wand and a Prayer also seem to be fairly big names. Zero was the biggest one but, well...yeah, he's kind of dead now, so you're out of luck if you're trying to get in contact with him.

    -Don't Shoot The Messenger-

  2. Kid, you... Wow. Um. Drop me a line, and make sure whatever you send me, whatever we say, stays clear of your time with Tall, Dark, and Faceless.