Sunday, July 31, 2011

That Was Close

I believe I just saw one of the guys I dated in high school. But there's no way, right? This isn't anywhere near where we went to school, and he went to Northeastern. He wouldn't be in North Carolina. It's too unlikely. Must have just looked like him. Except, he looked at me funny. Maybe it was only after I looked at him funny. I don't know.

If it was him, I'm glad he didn't say anything. I'm supposed to be dead. How could I explain any of this?

It doesn't matter. He left, whoever he was. Just a close call. I've been lucky, not having to get too close to the places where people would know me.

I've been lucky overall. My half of life isn't fun. Not what I dreamed of, for sure. But it could be so much worse. Could be itching to kill people. Could be a zombie. Instead, I'm a paid employee. I even get benefits like this computer. And I'm alive. Put it that way, it sounds peachy.

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