Monday, August 1, 2011

It Was Him

I have his wallet. The guy I dated. The one I thought I saw. And I did see him. Here's his license, his debit card, his library card, all of it. But I don't know why.

If you're jumping to bad conclusions, you're not alone. I waste too much time on maybes. Not doing that again. You can come up with plenty yourselves. As always, I'll never know. Neither will you, unless you're psychic. Is it weird I still doubt psychics when I'm being mind-controlled by an evil god?

Hard to know what to do with this. Not without knowing how come I've got it. What He made me do to him.

That's awkward. Hope my pronouns aren't confusing anyone. I just don't like any of the names for Him. They're descriptive, but they don't describe the important things. And a lot of them are just goofy.

I was trying to write about this wallet. Should I get rid of it? Hold onto it? It could be evidence, right? There's already been plenty of evidence. I should have been arrested a hundred times. Am I invisible to police? I don't even know there was a crime here. He could have just dropped it and I picked it up, even when it wasn't really me. No, that's dumb.

Here, I'm just typing to myself and nobody wants to read this. I'll finish it up.


  1. I'm sorry. I hope it was just something minor.

  2. Maybe His half of your life isn't as his as you thought

  3. Could you give more information of him?

  4. What's that supposed to mean, John? If not His and not mine, whose is it?

  5. Think of it as sleepwalking, the real you goes to sleep in His half and the proxie (no offense) takes over, but maybe you can still... influence his (the proxie you) behaviour whenever you are not doing something important for Him.

    But that's just a theory...

  6. I'll ignore the p-word.

    Maybe you're right. Sounds nicer than most of the stuff I thought up.

  7. Thank you, that was just an awesome post!!!