Wednesday, August 10, 2011

That Went Badly

I felt like distracting myself from reality today. So I went and saw the last Harry Potter movie. Or tried to see it. I saw most of it.

It was good. I still ship Harry/Hermione but I didn't expect any of that from this one. First part had plenty. Their special effects looked good. Neville was epic. They didn't give enough time to showing who died. I'm not a reviewer. Maybe you noticed. Can't speak for the ending either.

See, Harry was fighting Voldemort and it got all distorted. Video tearing, I believe it's called? And the audio got all muffled. Like it was happening underwater. I look around and nobody else is in the theater. Weren't many to start with. And they were all gone. Look back to the screen and there He is.

Not in the theater. In the movie. He took Voldemort's place. Shot out some tentacles and held Harry up. Blood starts pouring from Harry's scar, then his head splits open. It was horrible. Then it was over. Black screen. I left the theater. People reappeared once I came out the door into the hall. It wasn't time for the movie to end. But I wasn't going back in.

I assume the real movie ended like the book. Harry wins. Bunch of people are dead, but evil's gone. Survivors go on with their lives. Stupid epilogue.

Will any of us live to be in the epilogue?


  1. I see myself as a comic relief so... i can't imagine that i would reach that far, maybe in a nice grave? if i saved anyone in the process of dying i'll be more than happy

  2. I kind of imagined I would live to see the epilogue, but now... Now I'm not so sure.

    I guess everyone can fall nowadays.


  3. The bigger they are...
    It's dumb to focus on happy endings
    Better just to focus on making it to the next page in your book
    Because we have to run from the reader and fight for every next word
    It's not easy, but it's better than the story ending in the middle.

  4. I can get to the next page. He makes sure of that.

    Problem is, the next page is just like the last. The setting changes. Not much else.

    Other problem is, I was talking about the movie. Not the book.

  5. The real question is, Atalanta, is what happens in our epilogue? Do you honestly think that, after this, any of us can go back to living normal lives? All of our lives have gotten so fucked up. I'm sure that almost all of us have killed at least one person at this point. I'm sure that some of us (on both sides, mind you), have done so fairly casually. And ever last fucking one of use has been severely psychologically, emotionally, mentally, or physically scarred--or some combination of those four.

    And you and I. People who have willingly struck deals with The Boss for the good of a few--what happens to us? Let's say that The Boss gets taken down. What then? We get welcomed in with open arms? Fuck no. We've still got the pissed runners to deal with. You think they're really on our side?

    We're fucked. The only chance we've got is surviving all of this--and even if we do, it's still just a Pyrrhic victory.

    -Don't Shoot The Messenger-

  6. If I do go down, I won't go down alone. I'll take him down to hell with me.