Thursday, August 18, 2011

Problems and Resolution

This has happened to you. It's hot. You go into a place with AC. You leave. So much hotter. You were handling the heat better before you went inside. That's how I'm feeling. Glimpse of how it could be, then back to how it is. I'm just whining. I'll get used to it again. Oh, and it's hot too. Not the point.

Bigger issue. Too close to where I'm from. Have to avoid being recognized. That would be very bad. But I don't look like I did last I was here. Might not be a problem. If I really come back in my hometown, though, I'd recognize them. Nearly as bad. Reminders of what He's taken. He wouldn't do that. If what Messi saw is the usual, then there's no reason bringing me there. Not a city. Don't even really have a town square. Nowhere good for advertising.

And that's another thing. Advertising? Why does He need to take 12 whole hours for that? Why does He need any time? He's got hostages. I'd do it myself to prevent Him from killing them. Not as bad as I thought it would be. Only part I wouldn't do is use that Path.

The Path. Nobody knows too much about it. Contacted Spencer because I read that he's used it. Gave me some answers. (If you are him, thanks for getting back.) Still, a mystery. That's useful. Useful for what, you ask?

I have some facts. I have some questions. Questions nobody can answer. Up until now, I've tried to ignore the questions. It doesn't work so well. Now I'll come up with a story using the facts to answer the questions. Something I can believe. Then just avoid contrary facts. That's my resolution.


  1. In Portland now. Maine, not Oregon. Missed my hometown the way up. Still have to go back down. Unless He sends me to Canada.

  2. One can only hope he doesn't.

  3. Oh god, not Canada.
    Nobody deserves that.

    And I'm glad I could be of service, m'dear. Best of luck.

  4. I know a couple of people that know more about the Path than the norm. If you'd like, I can ask them about it.

  5. That thing is as cursed as the "thing" itself... even if it's useful its power comes from a cursed source

    That's my opinion, of course

  6. He probably doesn't use all twelve hours for advertising, and probably not every night. Poe and I only managed to follow you for about an hour of one night. That other eleven hours, plus every other night? I'm sorry, Atalanta, I've got nothing.

    But if you ever find yourself back in NYC, you know our number. We'll try it again.

    -Don't Shoot The Messenger-

  7. Why is this still getting so many views? Five times as many as most of my other posts. Not much here to read.