Monday, August 8, 2011

Just Cleaning

I don't like having that post on here as a post. Didn't write it. Doesn't belong here. This is my blog. The posts will be written by me. Not some irritating troll sent by Him.

But what the troll said matters. Sort of. Because it was His will. So here it is:

cant let u do that star fox
Posted by some troll at 22:10 

And the comments. Not mine to delete. Except the ones that are. Anyway:

Elaine said...
... Atalanta, what the fuck is going on?
06 August, 2011 00:53

Atalanta said...
Note to self: Log out next time.

But I believe that's the answer to my question. I'm still here since He wants me to be. Of course. Should've known.
06 August, 2011 15:29

Spencer said...
... you remind me of a kid I know. Started babbling about lack of choice and then he turned proxy. Quitter. 

I think you'e better than that, sweetheart. And believe me, people are listening.
07 August, 2011 16:55

Atalanta said...
I made the same choice as your kid. I chose to save half of my life and the lives of everybody else I knew. The right choice.

This blog? Wrong choice. He wanted me to do it. Why? No way to know. But I believe it's the same reasons I want to stop.

What I need to do is make this useful. Just don't know how.
07 August, 2011 18:52

Spencer said...
There's really no answer to that.
I started a courier service.
Elaine started to research.
Konaa vowed to fight.

I guess it's a different choice for everyone.

Either way, it's something that you'll need to decide on your own. Maybe the blog can help....? I don't know.

As for that kid? He did it for a reason. Abandoned his friends for revenge, it seems. Abandoned... pretty much everything, really. Only thing was that he went back on his beliefs.

... I have to wonder. Are we all going to end up doing the same thing...?
08 August, 2011 13:26

Now to get rid of it. If you want to comment on it or these comments, do that on this one.

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  1. Don't give up. You'll find something good to do with this. You haven't lost till you let him win.