Saturday, August 27, 2011


Did you hear? Supposed to be a hurricane tomorrow. All the way up here. People are panicking. Not too worried myself.

For one thing, I'm in Albany. It will barely brush by here. That's if I'm still here in the morning. Probably won't be. Been moving west again. Hope that continues. East would be something to worry about. Doubt He cares if I get wet, though.

But another reason is this: they open shelters in storms. Not like regular shelters. Open in the day. Full of people who've got homes. Can probably sleep in there safely. Won't be the easiest target at least. All I've got to steal is in this briefcase. And nobody wants to touch it.

Believe I'll get another day of rest this Sunday. Three in a row. Weird. Only the first was pleasant. Unless these storm shelters are real fancy. Doubt it.

Now, for other stuff. Still nothing to show that fire ever happened. Least not where or when he said it did. But he must've had a reason to pick Arkansas. If I end up near there, I could check. That won't be anytime soon.


  1. I'm where the hurricanes normally hit, though hopefully not for long. I hope you'll be okay. Good luck.

  2. Stay safe up there, and with a little luck you'll stay dry. Hopefully he's got the sense to keep you far away from the floods.

  3. Survived. Syracuse was hardly touched. Normal rainstorm.