Saturday, September 3, 2011


Yesterday sucked. Came back in the driver's seat of a PT Cruiser. In a parking garage. No other cars on the level. Got out and saw an old guy crushed up against the wall by the back of the car. He was making awful noises.

I froze. What do you do in that situation? Couldn't call 911. Couldn't help him at all. So I left. Walked as fast as I could, since He won't let me run.

Never explained that. When I try to run, my legs freeze up. I just fall instead. I believe he did something in my brain. The part that sends messages to muscles. Some of the messages are blocked. Just to make my half worse.

But I was talking about yesterday. Got out of the parking garage. No problem. Then notice I left the briefcase in the car. Going back in wasn't an option. Couldn't deal with seeing the dying guy again. Might get caught too.

Wasn't able to sleep all day. Kept thinking about the old man. And how the cops would have to be after me now. Parking garages have security cameras, right? But nothing happened. He protected me as usual. I got some food and just tried to calm myself over and over.

Then His half started and today the briefcase was back. Of course. No stupid troll posts this time. No more.

No more. Please.

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