Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How I Broke My Computer

So, here's that story. The one from Sunday.

Saw Geoff again. Before he saw me. Didn't see anybody else around. Hid in the doorway of a shop. Except somebody was already lurking there. Scrawny guy, dressed like a bandit from a Western. Clearly on His side. My side.

Bandit guy tries to give a hatchet. Couldn't afford a gun, maybe. Didn't take it. Told him to get out, it was my half and I was supposed to be free of this. Bandit said it was His will. Pushed me out of the way. To do the job himself. Wasn't having any of that. Grabbed the guy's arm and yanked him back. Weighed almost nothing. Like he was literally hollow. Or just not eating. That got him mad. Madder. Swung at me with the hatchet.

The briefcase saved me. Or the laptop. Both. Hatchet broke through the screen of the laptop. Bandit fell on the ground. Convulsing. Figured I should call 911. But I had no phone.

So what do you think I did? If you guessed "call out to guy who wants you dead using the name you made up for him asking him to call 911 for you," you win.

Geoff looked over. Took a moment to realize what's going on. Then took out his phone and called. Couldn't hear what he said, but saw him look around for signs. I got out of there. Nothing more I could do and both of the guys there had tried to kill or at least hurt me.

But after he hung up, Geoff ran after me. Don't think you're supposed to hang up on 911. Anyway, Geoff wanted to know how I knew his name. No good answer. He went further, claiming I was some dead girl, his old neighbor. Oh, and I was betraying the human race to a mind-controlling alien. That's a new one.

I was so confused. He wasn't really Geoff. Couldn't be. His face wasn't the same. Close. Different somehow. Can't explain it. And even if his face changed, why would he be here?

Said I didn't know him except since last week. Said I was from Ohio. Didn't even say Geoff. Don't know if he believed me. Also told him I just saved his life so he should leave me alone. He just frowned at me and left.

Don't know if any of that was worth it. Haven't seen Geoff since, sure. But he could be dead. And now I'm back to library bribes.