Monday, September 19, 2011

No Coincidence

Used to live next door to a family of five. Back when I had a house and a family.

Never did explain that I had a stepfather, did I? Wasn't just me and my mother. Had a younger stepbrother too. Not the story I meant to tell.

Neighbors, right? Two boys, and a girl. Was good friends with the girl. Until junior year, anyway. Again, not the point. Point is, the oldest boy was two years older than me. Into politics. Weird, crazy politics. Convinced all Democrats are communists trying to brainwash children. Annoying, but he meant well. Probably. Helped me with pre-calc because I suck at math. Might expect him to be bullied, except he was a giant too. Whole family was tall.

His name was Geoff. The guy I named Geoff here reminded me of him. Right down to the belief that anybody not on his side is evil. Looked kind of like him too. But not the same person. I was sure of it. Until he recognized me.

There's a story there too. Short version: Stopped guy from attacking Geoff, broke computer in process, called out his name, he confronted me, figured out who I was, I lied, he left. Long version coming soon. Like I said, my laptop broke. Hatchets do that.

Still trying to wrap my mind around him really being Geoff. Doesn't make sense. Would have recognized him. Doesn't feel right even now. Can't explain it. Might even be an impostor. But he seemed legit.

Also, the guy with the hatchet said I was hunting Geoff. One mystery cleared up. Geoff wasn't magically following me, He was sending me after him. No coincidence, as in the title of this post.

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