Friday, September 16, 2011

A Coincidence?

Things that shouldn't happen keep happening. Coincidence isn't good enough. Must be arranged. By Him, or maybe someone else. Don't know. I should explain. Don't want to sound crazy.

That guy found me. The one from in the McDonalds on Saturday. Not one of the other guys. Should come up with some names. Let's go with Geoff for this one. No reason.

Anyway, Geoff found me today. This time he was ready. Had a hockey stick. Woke up on the bench to find him glaring at me. Tried not to panic. Remind myself He wouldn't let me die. Geoff is His target. No reason I'd be in danger. Except how I can't run away.

Tried to pretend I was still sleeping, but Geoff saw me look at him. So I stood up and waved. Maybe he'd go away. Nope.

Geoff marches toward me, saying how he was going to rid the world of scum like me. Defeat Him by taking out His pawns. I laughed. Couldn't help it. Geoff was so oblivious. Tried to explain to him that it was a bad plan. Too many of us, and He protects us. If it was just me and a handful of others, if Geoff could find them all like he found me, maybe. Maybe it would hurt Him. But I doubt it.

Geoff had no such doubts and wasn't going to listen to a "mindslave," as he thinks of me. Didn't bother explaining I'm only part-time. Didn't think it would matter.

Then Geoff charged at me. Cross-checked me over the bench. Knocked the wind out of me. So I was lying there on the ground with my legs on the bench. Defenseless. But Geoff didn't do anything. He hesitated. Not quite ready to bludgeon me to death. But he steeled himself and lifted the stick for a big swing.

By that point I could move and breathe again. Sort of. Rolled almost out of the way, and the stick came down on my forearm. That hurt. I cried out. Again, couldn't help it. Good thing, too.

Someone actually heard and decided to help. Not supposed to happen. Especially in a city. Not complaining, though. Woman came over. Shouted about calling the police. Geoff ran away. Then she left too. Cared enough to get rid of him, not enough to see if I was hurt.

Better that way. Can't go to a hospital and have His time start. Would be a mess. Just bruises anyway. I'll be fine.

Except I can't figure it out. How did Geoff find me again? Unlikely as me running into wallet guy back in North Carolina. These can't be just coincidences. Must be some meaning to it.

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  1. Fuck you you were supposed to be a story and now shes dead