Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Does This Even Deserve a Post?

Been trying to research the alleged fire. On the internet and at the library. Haven't had any luck. Maybe that is luck. No fire is a good thing, after all.

Still upset that He killed that guy. I was caught on His half. That guy knew things. Knew my name. Knew where to find me. Knew what I was doing. Even if he was lying, he had the truth. Doubt he was working alone, either. Since He killed him, the guy wasn't on His side. Maybe he's with the government. The FBI or whoever that covers this up. What was the one in Zeke's blog, Fink?

Oh, I never said that started working. Day after I said it wasn't. No idea what that was about. Could be your perception filter. Could be Blogger glitching out. Who knows? Better question, who cares?

Anyway, I believe the guy who caught me could work for him. Maybe not.

That's all I've got to say really. Like I said, not much of a post.


  1. It does deserve a post, because it helps ease your followers minds at least a little. Letting us know that you're okay, and that your father might still be alive is worthwhile, I promise. That guy was not guaranteed to even tell you anything that was the truth, let alone give you what you wanted to hear. It isn't as much of a loss as it feels. Fink is with the SMSC, right?

  2. SMSC? No, FBI. Also, Fisk. I should've checked before typing it out.

    But who are the SMSC?


    Baker and Bellman only mention them briefly there, but they're basically a government task force that deals with the Fears/Slendy. Also, I'm sorry, I was wrong, it's FISH that's with the SMSC, not Fisk. My bad.