Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Check for money every morning when I come back. This morning, wasn't just money. Newspaper clipping attached. More money than usual too. Special delivery from whoever gives me the money.

Obituary. Thought it was for the girl He killed in Denver. But it's wrong. Right name, wrong person. This is the one I knew. My friend. Came from the local paper back home. Home when I had one, I mean. No details on the how of her alleged death. Does say she died in Denver early last week.

How could they mess it up so bad? Has the correct family been informed? Or did they tell my friend's family she died? Would be awful. Thinking someone died who didn't. Embarrassing for the not really deceased too. And the paper.

Just a terrible, confused mess.

Confused me, too. But I saw the body. I know who it wasn't. Should I try to do something about this? No, what could I do? Write a letter to the editor? Tell them I was there when she died, holding the rope? That would go over well. Don't need my input to solve this.

Wonder why the obit was given to me. Must be a person who pays me. Can't see Him tearing out a bit of newspaper and tucking it in my pocket.

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  1. TREES in your EYES
    please OPEN your MIND