Friday, October 21, 2011


Had a dream. First in a long time. Like the old one He sent ,me. But different. Man in it. Not Him. Man took me into the sky. Letm e see the roads. One with people I cared about, one withHim. And trees. All that split the ttwo roads. Parallel roads. Just trees. Couldn't see through. All I got was to not see them Not see them die.

But they were dying. He ws killing them, using me to do it. To kill them. they died. My step-broher, my ex-boyfriend. my classics teacher, my friend. Didn't see them. He protected me. Protected.The treess. He put the trees between me and them and I picked that road, All wrong. Nobody is safved, just me.
Treees are in my eyes. His. Can't trustc  them. Can't know what's rea;l. Are you real? can't konw. Nothing to trust. Dont want this. Don't

No. No whining. Doesn't mater. Stop. Won't let me die. But I cans till stop Him.

Won't see you again. Don't know if you'll see this. Never helped anyone. Sorry. Maybe advice helps. Don't be like me. Don't stop running. Race isn't over until you end it. Don't let Him trick you. Quitters never win. Things only get worse. So much worse.

Got to go. Got to end this. Just schedule this to go up later.


  1. ... Take your own godamn advice. Come on, don't fucking quit on us like this...

  2. Fuck, hang in there and /fight this/