Monday, October 17, 2011


Fire is one of His things. One He'd been neglecting in my experiences with Him. Fixed that. Came back to an apartment building on fire. This was Thursday. Standing in a small crowd just gaping at it. Somebody finally thought to call 911. Firetrucks showed up and I left. Didn't want to be in the way. Didn't want to be caught.

Arson. Sure of it. Had the matches in my pocket. Smoke stayed with me. Hope nobody got hurt. But it wouldn't be His work if it was harmless. Just wish He'd stop using my body for that. Shouldn't have whined about the advertising.

City had the same name as where lying man said my father died in a fire. Except he said Arkansas. Might be making a joke here. Or what passes for a joke in His horrible twisted mind. Arkansas and Arizona both start with Ar. Funny. No clue who got to take the place of my father.

No money since I last posted. Had to get new clothes after the fire too. Extra money was gone by Saturday. So how am I posting this? Apple stores. Three of them over the past two days. Including today. Employees busy mourning Steve Jobs and haven't noticed.

Final thing: what was that last comment? Looked like it was from riddle person. Whoever you are, just type normally and stop being cryptic. Anybody wants to interpret, go ahead.

Now, to see if I can find food.

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